Trailhead Map

This trailhead map contains all of the trailheads I’ve found that are transit accessible in the Bay Area (and a little bit beyond). I’ve considered “transit accessible” to be around a 30-minute walk, which is a reasonable approach for a longer hike, but for shorter hikes, I would recommend unchecking the “15+ min bus”/”20+ min train” categories. You can also toggle weekday-only services.

Bus routes are only counted where they run throughout the day. Services that run a few times a day for school or office commutes aren’t included, but routes that run a few-a-day lifeline-level have been in certain cases (like Lake County).

If you’re on your phone, I recommend opening the link below, which will temporarily add the trailheads as a layer in your Google Maps app.

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I’ve surveyed most of the Bay Area’s transit agencies so far; the most notable exception is Muni, which serves plenty of great hiking options inside San Francisco, plus San Bruno Mountain.

I try to keep up with agency route changes, but inevitably will miss some. If you see a trailhead that’s accessible by transit that I’ve missed, or a bus I claim goes somewhere no longer does or no longer does on weekends when I say it does, please contact me at the email address below.

Current agencies I’ve surveyed include:

The next agencies I plan to look at are:

This website is a labor of love. If you have any suggestions, places I've missed, or questions please reach out! You can contact me at [email protected], or follow me on Twitter.